Smoky Mountains Weather In March – A Beginner’s Guide

The Great Smoky Mountains, situated on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina, are a popular destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

As the most visited national park in the United States, the Smoky Mountains offer breathtaking views, diverse wildlife, and a variety of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy. While each season brings its own unique charm to the mountains, March is a particularly fascinating time to visit.

As winter slowly fades away and spring begins to bloom, the Smokies transform into a picturesque wonderland with its own weather patterns. We will explore the Smoky Mountains weather in March and provide insight into what to expect during this transitional month.

Smoky Mountains Weather In March

Smoky Mountains Location, Geographical Condition

You already know the location of the Smoky Mountains. The word ‘smoky’ has come for a valid reason. They are termed smokies formed by fog made with the volatile inorganic compounds emitted from the nearby vegetation having high boiling pressure. The fog floats at the peak of the mountains, so the ranges are known as the Smoky Mountains.

Its geography is diverged and depends upon the weather of these territories. The weather is cold compared to the weather in tropical countries. Huge biodiversity and habitats can be seen throughout the mountains.

The Smoky Mountains Weather In March

The Smoky Mountains Weather In March

It is important to know the smoky mountains weather in March. At night, the temperature remains closer to this temperature. But the temperature may rise in the daytime and cross the water’s boiling point. So, the visitors should be aware of that. Because the iced water may melt downwards. The highest average temperature found in the Smoky Mountains from analyzing the climate of the past few decades is 12° Celsius.

You have already understood that the ranges will not let the travellers survive easily in such weather. Though the temperature remains more than 10° Celsius most of the time, it goes below 10° Celsius in the daytime.

Rainfall In The Smoky Mountains In March

Rainfall In The Smoky Mountains In March

The weather has become so unpredictable this month. The sunny sky can make a gloomy face within an hour. Sometimes tornadoes and cyclones also occur in the Smoky Mountains. In March, the Smoky Mountains experience unpredictable weather, making it essential to be prepared for anything.

Snow days are still possible, but daytime temperatures begin to rise, bringing warmer temperatures. However, cooler weather can still linger, so layers are a must. It’s advisable to bring rain jackets as rainfall is common during this time.

Despite the rain, the mountains come alive with vibrant wildflowers, adding bursts of colour to the landscape. So, whether exploring snowy trails or enjoying the warmer daytime highs, embrace the ever-changing weather and maximise your time in the Smoky Mountains in March.



March is an exciting time to visit the Smoky Mountains, especially for nature enthusiasts. With the arrival of cooler weather, the trees in the mountains showcase stunning displays of autumn colours. It is also one of the wettest months in the region, with frequent afternoon rain showers that nourish the lush vegetation.

As temperatures drop, the possibility of snow flurries becomes more prevalent, adding a touch of magic to the landscape. Daily and hourly temperatures fluctuate, creating an unpredictable yet exhilarating experience for visitors. Overall, March is a popular time to witness the beauty of the Smoky Mountains amidst the changing seasons and potentially experience the thrill of wintery elements.

Hours Of Daylight And Twilight In March In Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Hours Of Daylight And Twilight In March In Great Smoky Mountains National Park

In March, Great Smoky Mountains National Park experiences a transition from winter to spring. Snow flurries may still occur, blanketing the park in a delicate white layer. As the month progresses, the park gradually transforms into a beautiful time of year, with the arrival of peak colour.

The temperate rainforest within the park showcases its vibrant hues, creating a picturesque landscape. Despite occasional inclement weather, March also offers pleasant and average temperatures, making it a great time to explore the park. And if luck strikes, you might even enjoy a magical snow day amidst the breathtaking scenery.

Humidity And Airflow In Smoky Mountains In March

As the spring season is in March, humidity remains low in the smoky mountains. The humidity remains slightly higher in the upper and lower elevations. Airflow is unpredictable like it’s the weather. People will suddenly notice a severe breeze with heavy rainfall. The breeze reduces at the end of March.

The Weather Of Smoky Mountains In Other Months

The Weather Of Smoky Mountains In Other Months

In January the lowest temperature of smoky mountains is -7° Celsius and the highest temperature is 6° Celsius. And it rains about 10 days this month. In February, the lowest temperature becomes -5° Celsius and the highest temperature is about 8° Celsius.

It rains for about 9 days in February. In April, the lowest temperature is 2° Celsius when the highest temperature is 18° Celsius. It rains approximately 9 days in April in the smoky mountains. In May, the lowest and highest temperatures are 7° and 22° Celsius.

In June, July, and August the Lowes temperatures are 12°, 14° and 16° Celsius when highest temperatures are 25°,26°, and 27° Celsius. The lowest temperatures of the last four months are 10°, 3°, -2°, and -5° Celsius. The highest temperatures are 23°, 18°, 13°, and 8° C respectively.

Monthly Averages In March

March is a great time to visit the Smoky Mountains. Although it can be a little cold initially, temperatures usually warm up by the end of the month. Toward the end of the month, some high winds and storms can cause localized damage. Keep your eyes open for weather warnings as March moves along. The average temperature in March is around 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Where To Stay In The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

March is a great time to visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The park is home to some of the most beautiful mountains in the United States, and the weather is perfect. If you’re looking for hotels, the closest ones are around Gatlinburg and Cherokee Village.

Keep an eye out for deals on lodging during the off-season – some properties offer discounts of up to 50%. If you’re looking to camp or stay in a cabin, the best places are campgrounds and cabins. Visit the park from March 1 until April 30 to enjoy its beautiful weather.

How To Know Weather Forecasts For Great Smoky Mountains National Park

How To Know Weather Forecasts For Great Smoky Mountains National Park

When planning a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, staying informed about the weather forecasts is essential. The park experiences various weather conditions throughout the year, with distinct seasonal changes.

Visitors can enjoy warm temperatures and lush greenery during the summer as the trees create a beautiful canopy. However, the wettest months are typically spring and early summer, so be prepared for rain showers. In the fall, the park showcases stunning autumn foliage, accompanied by cooler weather.

Winter brings cold temperatures and even the possibility of snow, so it’s important to dress accordingly. As with any outdoor destination, it’s crucial to watch extreme weather conditions and be prepared for sudden changes. Visitors can have a safe and enjoyable experience in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park by staying informed about the weather forecasts.


If you are planning to travel in the smoky mountains in March, then there are both benefits and drawbacks. In March, there will be less crowd there. You can enjoy the beauty of nature easily. But at night the temperature becomes very low. It becomes very hard to survive in the smoky mountains at night. So, the clothing choice should be taken according to the weather conditions.

But, in comparison, you can travel to the Smoky Mountains in March. These all are about the weather conditions of the smoky mountains in March. We hope now you understand the condition of the smoky mountains weather in March.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is March A Good Time To Visit Pigeon Forge?

Yes, March can be a good time to visit Pigeon Forge. The weather is usually mild, with average temperatures ranging from the 40s to the 60s Fahrenheit. The crowds are typically smaller compared to peak tourist seasons.

What Is The Best Time To Visit In March?

The best time to visit in March depends on your destination and preferences. Early March is great for winter sports destinations, as there is still plenty of snow.

Which Is The Best Country To Visit In March?

It depends on your preferences. Popular options are Japan (cherry blossoms), Morocco (weather and festivals), Greece (fewer crowds and pleasant temperatures), and New Zealand (outdoor activities and autumn landscapes). Choose based on your travel goals and preferences.

Is Gatlinburg Snow In March?

Yes, it is possible for Gatlinburg to experience snow in March. However, the amount and frequency of snowfall can vary yearly.

Which Country Is Best To Visit In March And April?

One of the best countries to visit in March and April is Japan. During this time, Japan experiences its iconic cherry blossom season, where the entire country is blanketed in beautiful pink and white blooms.

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