How To Measure Suitcase Wheels? Easy Guideline

Travelling can be a stressful and tiring experience, especially when lugging around heavy suitcases. As travellers, we often rely on our trusty suitcases to safely transport our belongings from one destination to another. However, one of the most overlooked and crucial aspects of a suitcase is its wheels.

A broken or damaged wheel can quickly turn a seamless journey into a nightmare of dragging and lifting. That’s why it’s important to know how to measure suitcase wheels properly and ensure they are in good working condition before embarking on a trip.

Here, we will provide you with an easy guideline to measure suitcase wheels so that you can travel with peace of mind. So, let’s dive in and discover the simple steps to measure your suitcase wheels accurately.

How To Measure Suitcase Wheels

How To Measure Suitcase Wheels – In Easy Ways

How To Measure Suitcase Wheels - In Easy Ways

Measuring suitcase wheels is an essential step in choosing the right size suitcase for your travels. Using these simple methods, you can easily measure your suitcase wheels and ensure you choose a suitcase that meets your travel needs. Here are easy ways how to measure suitcase wheels:

  • Diameter: Measure the diameter of the wheel by placing a ruler or measuring tape across the centre of the wheel and measuring from one side to the other.
  • Width: Measure the wheel’s width by placing a ruler or measuring tape against the side of the wheel and measuring from one edge to the other.
  • Height: Measure the wheel’s height by placing a ruler or measuring tape against the bottom of the wheel and measuring from where it meets the flat surface to the top.
  • Axle Length: Measure the length of the axle by placing a ruler or measuring tape against one end of the axle and measuring to the other.
  • Number Of Wheels: Count how many wheels are on your suitcase; this information can also help determine its size and manoeuvrability.

Step 1: Prepare The Suitcase

Before you can measure the wheels on your suitcase, it’s important to prepare the suitcase for accurate measurements. Start by emptying the suitcase of all its contents to ensure a clear view of the wheels.

This will also prevent any interference that could affect the accuracy of your measurements. Once the suitcase is empty, make sure it is placed on a flat and stable surface. This will help ensure that the measurements are consistent and reliable. With these preparations in place, you can proceed to measure the wheels of your suitcase accurately.

Step 2: Identify The Wheel Type

Identify The Wheel Type

Once you have located the wheels on your suitcase, the next step is to identify the wheel type. There are two main types of suitcase wheels: inline wheels and spinner wheels. Inline wheels are typically found on older suitcases and are positioned in a straight line, while spinner wheels are more modern and can rotate 360 degrees, allowing for easy maneuverability in any direction.

To determine which type of wheel you have, simply look at how the wheels are positioned on your suitcase. If they are in a straight line, they are inline wheels. If they can rotate freely, they are spinner wheels. Identifying the wheel type is important as it will affect how you measure the size and placement of the wheels on your suitcase.

Step 3: Measuring Two-Wheel Suitcases

Regarding measuring two-wheel suitcases, there are a few steps you can follow to ensure accuracy. First, measure the height of the suitcase from the bottom of the wheels to the top of the handle when fully extended. This will give you the overall height measurement.

Then, measure the width of the suitcase by measuring across the widest part of the body. Finally, measure the depth by measuring from one side of the suitcase to the other side, excluding any external pockets or handles. By following these steps, you can accurately measure your two-wheel suitcase and ensure that it meets your travel needs.

Step 4: Measuring Four-Wheel Suitcases

Measuring Four-Wheel Suitcases

Measuring the wheels of a four-wheel suitcase is an important step in ensuring that your luggage meets airline size restrictions. To measure the wheels, follow these steps. By measuring your four-wheel suitcase accurately, you can avoid any surprises or potential issues when traveling.

  1. Place the suitcase on a flat surface with the wheels facing up.
  2. Extend the handle and collapse it if necessary to ensure accurate measurements.
  3. Measure the distance from the floor to the highest point of one wheel.
  4. Repeat this measurement for all four wheels, as they may vary in size.
  5. Take note of the measurements and compare them to the airline’s maximum allowable wheel height.

Step 5: Repeat Measurements

Once you have measured the diameter and width of one wheel, it is important to repeat the measurements for all the other wheels on your suitcase. This will ensure that you have accurate and consistent measurements for each wheel.

Use the same measuring tape or ruler to measure each wheel, and record the measurements for future reference. By repeating the measurements, you can ensure that all the wheels on your suitcase are properly sized and balanced, which will make for smoother rolling and easier maneuverability during your travels.

Step 6: Calculate The Average Wheel Height

Calculating the average wheel height is an important step when measuring suitcase wheels. To do this, start by measuring the height of each individual wheel on your suitcase. Take multiple measurements to ensure accuracy.  Once you have measured all the wheels, add up the heights of all the wheels and then divide that total by the number of wheels.

This will give you the average wheel height for your suitcase. Knowing the average wheel height can be helpful when purchasing replacement or spare wheels for your suitcase, as it ensures that you select wheels that are compatible in size and will provide a smooth rolling experience.

Ways Of Measuring Luggage Wheels With Calipers Or Micrometers

Ways Of Measuring Luggage Wheels With Calipers Or Micrometers

Measuring suitcase wheels accurately is important to ensure that your Luggage Measurements will fit within the size restrictions of airlines or other transportation methods. One way to measure luggage wheels is using a caliper or micrometre, precision tools that can provide accurate measurements. Here are the steps to measure luggage wheels using these tools:

  1. Start by opening the caliper or micrometre and setting it to zero.
    2. Place one of the measuring arms on the wheel’s inner edge.
    3. Gently close the tool until it touches the opposite edge of the wheel.
    4. Read the measurement on the scale or digital display of the caliper or micrometre.
    5. Repeat this process for each wheel on your suitcase.

By following these steps, you can obtain precise measurements of your luggage wheels, allowing you to determine if they meet your travel needs’ size and weight requirements.

How To Measure Luggage Wheels With Digital Scales?

How To Measure Luggage Wheels With Digital Scales

Digital scales are faster to use. At BikeMaster, weights are calculated at least once daily and then calibrated with two different sets of dial meters, one set to neutral 100N/kg, which is still accurate up through 600lbs (~272kgs),

The other starts exactly 0 lbs #999 for lower deck cases in ultra-light or extra-small dimensions below 1lb capacity. An electronic digital scale has its advantages but also has some limitations when applied to serious wheel dimension measurements;

1) Electronic scales only require two readings and sometimes require resetting between each reading.

2) Ever weigh a wheel with both feet?

The scale will respond sluggishly when the user is out of sync in weight mode. For this reason, most bike shops maintain three sets of digital dial meters, which are calibrated separately. Simultaneously, the average reading approximates what’s being weighed with one load cell placed underneath it on its base.

When Should You Use A Mic Rometer, When You Need A Caliper?

When Should You Use A Mic Rometer, When You Need A Caliper

A micrometre is an adjustable height-measuring tool – designed to measure small variations. Within a fixed range by flexing the main shaft and generating different resolution amounts. It has no gauge, so you need to verify its accuracy using another method, such as with calipers or other gauges that provide visual measurements.

The difference between measuring with inexpensive home garage tools. Compared to tires sourced from suppliers or directly purchased, it would only require effort and focus of time – outside of that. You can use mics to verify what has calipers that will let you check the difference together. With the price and ease of use, there is no reason not to – it’s inexpensive and foolproof.

Not all micrometres are created equally – you need to confirm that the one being used has a socket set rated for 100 mm or 200 mm final variation. Then verify through use instead of guessing during setup.

It’s important to have each set with at least 5 different luggage sizes included. Preferably, 10 since it will allow you to check measurements against your reference materials as long as they fit in their surrounding area directly next to the lens.

Results Of Measuring Suitcase Wheels With Micrometers Or Digital Scales

Regarding measuring suitcase wheels, you can use a couple of methods to get accurate results. One option is to use micrometres, precise tools for measuring small distances. With micrometres, you can measure the diameter of the suitcase wheels and ensure they meet the required specifications.

Another method is to use digital scales, which can help you determine the weight-bearing capacity of the wheels. By placing the suitcase on the scale and evenly distributing the weight, you can see if the wheels can handle a heavy load without any issues. Both methods provide valuable information regarding assessing the quality and durability of suitcase wheels.

How To Repair Suitcase Wheels?

How To Repair Suitcase Wheels

If worn out, you must repair them before you can use them again. There are a few different ways to do this, and the one that is easiest for you and your luggage will depend on the condition of the wheel. For example, you can straighten the wheel using a rod and hammer if the wheel is bent. If the wheel is severely worn, you might have to replace it altogether.

Be sure to measure your suitcase wheel before beginning any repairs, as accurate measurements are critical for the success of the repairs. Once the repairs are complete, test the wheel by loading it up with weights – if everything goes according to plan, you’re ready to go.

How To Measure The Weight Of Suitcase?

Measuring the weight of suitcase wheels can be tricky but not impossible. There are a few different methods that you can try, depending on the type of wheel you have. One option is to use your fingers. Be careful not to overload the suitcase or wheel casters, as this could lead to damage.

The best way to measure the weight of suitcase wheels is by using a scale. Ensure you weigh the suitcase evenly and that it doesn’t tip when transporting it. Always double-check any measurements before transporting your luggage, just to be safe.

How To Measure A Suitcase?

How To Measure A Suitcase

Never travel without measuring suitcase wheels. Replace your wheels immediately if damaged or worn down to prevent luggage damage. You’ll need to measure the width, depth, and height of your suitcase wheels. Make sure to buy a wider set than the wheel you’re replacing so it can expand with use. Finally, always measure twice and cut once – mistakes happen.


Measuring suitcase wheels may seem simple, but it is essential to ensure that your luggage is a perfect fit for your needs. By following the easy steps to measure suitcase wheels, you can accurately measure your suitcase wheels and make informed decisions when selecting new luggage or replacement wheels.

Whether you’re looking for smooth-rolling spinner wheels or sturdy inline skate wheels, knowing the correct measurements will help you find the perfect fit. So, next time you’re shopping for luggage or troubleshooting a wheel issue, remember to measure your suitcase wheels using the techniques discussed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Luggage Wheels Are Best?

The best luggage wheels are typically those that are durable, smooth-rolling, and able to withstand a variety of terrains. Many travellers prefer spinner wheels, which are multidirectional and provide easy manoeuvrability.

Are Double Wheels Better On Luggage?

Double wheels distribute the weight of the luggage more evenly, making it easier to roll and navigate through crowded spaces. Double wheels also provide better stability, reducing the chances of the luggage tipping over.

Can I Replace The Wheels On The Luggage?

Yes, in most cases, you can replace the wheels on luggage. Many luggage brands sell replacement wheels that are compatible with their products. You can also find universal wheels that can be handy on different types of luggage.

Can All Luggage Wheels Be Replaced?

Yes, you can replace most luggage wheels. However, it is important to note that not all luggage’s original wheels are identical. Replacement options may vary depending on the luggage brand and model.

Are Suitcases Measured Including Wheels?

Yes, suitcases are typically measured, including the wheels. The dimensions provided for suitcases usually refer to the overall measurements, which include the wheels. Handles and any other external components of the suitcase.

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