How Strict Are Airlines About Checked Baggage Size | Step By Step

It is not always easy to pack your carry-on bag with everything you need for a trip. And if your checked baggage is overweight, it may be difficult to take on board as well.

To help you figure out what you can bring on board, we have put together the answers to several common questions regarding checked baggage size. Here how strict are airlines about checked baggage size.

How Strict Are Airlines About Checked Baggage Size

What Is Checked Baggage

What Is Checked Baggage

Anything you carry with you on the plane, including your carry-on luggage (including any packing materials for that check-in bag) and prechecked bags.

What Size Do You Need?

Weight may be important if there is possibility of delay or diversion during takeoff, or an airline is not one of those trusted carriers with full service during high demand times like winter holidays. However, weight does impose restrictions since airlines only allow 154 lbs (70 kg) for governmental fees. And as a passenger, you only have the option take out “free” baggage from those general allowances to match your weight restriction.

All the rest comes at rate charges depending on what you choose and how much space there is in that carry-on bag.

The big variable here is personal preference, which brings us into another important question: How much do travelers pack? This varies not just based on where you are flying, but also your age and general preference.

How Many Bags Do You Need?

How Many Bags Do You Need

Airlines have an “average” weight allowance for large passengers in Checked Baggage Limits (CBLs). The average is based on the national requirements at different points in their history when airlines had to provide extra space if necessary due to surge pricing. Although there are still some regional variations depending on where they fly this article doesn’t give the best estimates for other regions.

Here we will try to answer what is “most likely” and include some regional breakdowns along with expected carry-on luggage statistics:

What Can You Bring On Board?

What Can You Bring On Board

1 bag (under 50 lbs) 2 bags (but under 100 lbs each) 3 bags (under 150 lbs total, 1×20″) 4 or more bags 1 Carry on Med Kit larger than 12″ x 8.5” (30cm x 22.5 cm) (no liquids please!)

Carry-on baggage allowances can be confusing and tedious for travelers, especially those with multiple tickets to check-in; even among these groups of passenger’s wide differences exist in what’s allowed and how it’s reduced: Onboard Ranges On some carriers like Spirit/United you only receive the weight limit credited towards your ticketing fees when checking – not checked personally at security guard.

But many airlines on-board policies on the other hand vary widely, so you may receive different allowances for your tickets on some carriers than others.

How Strict Are Airlines About Checked Baggage Size – Latest Thing

How Strict Are Airlines About Checked Baggage Size

Some airlines are much stricter when it comes to carry-on baggage restrictions. For example, in order to use a personal item without purchasing an “extra” oversized bag you’ll need to purchase this for USD 40/40 pounds or more per person, at least that’s what Korean Air charges!

Most passengers will be able to bring on board either their usual backpack with some clothes loose inside of it OR they can bring one Medium sized suitcase or backpack.

What is Typical Excess Baggage Fee Plenty of people land in the AROUND 10 pounds/pounds for each passenger allowed OR equivalent to 6 extra bags, what will cost them $100….which after all they only carry around 5 lbs so come out much cheaper than that!

Here Is How Strict Airlines Were About Checking Baggage Size

Here is how strict airlines were about checking baggage size

Before you pack your suitcase, it’s important to know how strict airlines are about checking baggage size. The most common size for checked luggage is 23 inches by 15 inches by 9 inches or 45 cm by 30 cm by 22 cm. If your baggage is larger than these dimensions. It might have to be sent home with you or re-packaged into a smaller bag.

In addition, airlines are very strict about the weight and size of luggage. So make sure you know the limits before you fly. Make the most of your travels by packing appropriately and avoiding excess baggage fees.

What Consider Checked Luggage?

What consider checked luggage

Before traveling, it’s important to know what is and consider checked luggage. This includes understanding airline policies about checked luggage size and weight.

Check the baggage allowance for your destination and ensure that all your belongings, including clothes, laptops, and cameras, will fit in your carry-on bag.

In most cases, airlines tend to be stricter about checked baggage size than carry-on bags because they’re concerned about weight and safety issues. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, so check with your airline before you travel.

Does Your Checked Baggage Have To Be A Suitcase?

Does your checked baggage have to be a suitcase

When traveling, it’s always important to know airline baggage size restrictions. Be sure to read the airline’s requirements carefully before checking luggage, as the size limit for a checked luggage can vary from airline to airline.

In most cases, checked luggage must not exceed 24 inches in width, 22 inches in height, and 55 inches in length. If you’re traveling with larger items, like a bike or kayak, you can check them in boxes and carry them onto the plane.

If you can’t bring your suitcase, check out some of the alternatives below. Some airlines allow you to carry clothes in a suitcase-sized bag, while others allow you to pack them more efficiently in boxes.

Regardless of the airline, you’re flying with, check the size limit for your checked baggage in advance.

How Big Is A 62-inch Suitcase?

How big is a 62-inch suitcase

Airline baggage restrictions can be confusing. So, what size bag can I bring on my flight? And how much will I have to pay if I exceed the limit?

Here are some key points to remember: Some airlines are stricter than others regarding checking baggage size. -If you’re traveling with more than one bag, break them into smaller pieces.

Make sure to check the airline’s limits before packing your suitcase. -Strict baggage size regulations can lead to hefty fees, so it’s important to be aware of the rules in advance.

However, if you pack your suitcase per the airline’s size restrictions, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting through security or baggage claim easily.

How Do I Avoid Overweight Baggage Fees?

How do I avoid overweight baggage fees

A common baggage mistake that many travelers make is packing too much luggage. This can lead to overweight baggage fees, which can be expensive and inconvenient.

To avoid this headache, pack light and check your bags at the airport. If you’re carrying more than the limit allowed by your airline, you’ll be charged accordingly at the airport by customs and immigration. Ensure all your luggage is within the weight limit for your airline to avoid any hassles.


Airlines are very strict about the size of your checked baggage. Even though they allow you to check up to 23kg, it is not recommended to carry anything heavier than 10kg. This means that if you want to take along any kind of souvenirs or gifts, you should buy them before you board the plane. I wish you can understand the discussion how strict are airlines about checked baggage size.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Maximum Weight Of A Checked Bag?

The maximum weight of a checked bag is 50 lbs.

Some airlines have more strict weight restrictions, so please check with your airline before you travel.

What Is The Maximum Size Of A Checked Bag?

The maximum size of a checked bag is one that is 2.62 linear inches or 62 centimeters by 45 centimeters or 145 millimeters by 50 millimeters.

This maximum size for a checked bag is based on the most common dimensions of the standard overhead bin found in economy class airplanes and not for carry-on bags.

Can I Bring My Pet On An Airplane With Me If I Have A Pet Carrier?

It is not recommended to bring your pet on an airplane because the stress and noise from the aircraft can be harmful for them. However, if you want to travel with your pet and have a pet carrier then you can go ahead.

Do Airlines Enforce Checked Baggage Size?

Most airlines don’t regulate the size of checked baggage, but some do. For example, Southwest Airlines states that “baggage is not to exceed 70 linear inches or 100 pounds.”

Can You Check A 30-inch Suitcase?

You can check a 30-inch suitcase. To do so, just measure the length of the bag and then multiply it by two to get the width. Then divide that number by two to get the height.

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